Rangam Hosts Round Table on Matters Pertaining to Vocational Skills Training and Disability Inclusion in India

Rangam hosts a roundtable to discuss the challenges facing the disability community in India, as well as identify solutions through collaboration with partners in the US who specialize in vocational skills development and employability programs.

Rangam's Offshore Skills Training Center for Children and Young Adults With Special Needs Celebrates First Anniversary

Their little eyes sparkled with joy as they received beautiful images that captured moments from their learning activities and interactions with special educators. For Dhyan, Rushel, Ragini, Esha, Siddharth and their friends, it was a day to celebrate a year of their small but significant achievements as individuals with unique skills and amazing abilities.

ColorsKit Pilot Program Kicks Off in Gujarat's Special School

Insufficient bandwidth of services and resources, inadequate staff training and a pervasive lack of awareness have always posed enormous challenges when it comes to ensuring high-quality education and occupational support for individuals with special needs in India. Times, however, are changing now for the better.