SourceAbled is designed to help local businesses discover a way to connect with NGOs and find the talent they are seeking. It introduces a well-defined methodology for businesses to work with a largely untapped pool of talent who have autism and other types of disabilities, which, in turn, results in benefits for everyone. With 20+ years of expertise in global talent acquisition, 10+ years of experience working with individuals with disabilities, and a growing network of NGOs, SourceAbled empowers businesses to have a positive impact on the society through the development of a holistic career support program for the local neurodiverse population.

SourceAbled helps you:

  •  Access a pipeline of talent with disabilities
  •  Develop a more inclusive workforce
  •  Gain access to topnotch disability inclusion and awareness training programs
  •  Improve productivity with an award-winning educational technology for assessing and training life and vocational skills

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